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Whatever you eat … in Romagna it’s a treat!

There are those who choose Romagna for its seaside resorts, and those who choose it for its food. We’ll solve the problem for you and say: choose it for both!

The chef Bruno, the owner pays particular attention to the generous portions of food served in Hotel Bahamas; in fact, he is the pride and joy of the hotel, he surprises his guests with wholesome dishes, made with top-quality products at zero miles.

Bon appetit!

Here’s what awaits you at your table, including waiter service, during your seaside holiday at the Ravenna lidos:

  • A menu with a choice from 4 first and 4 second course dishes
  • Meat and fish every day
  • Two hot side dishes
  • A vegetable buffet
  • A selection of fruit and dessert
  • Micro-filtered water included with meals

Delicious Romagna cuisine
Bruno the chef has an in-depth knowledge of the ancient recipes of the Romagna region and if possible he always chooses top-quality zero mile products with a short supply chain .

Tell us your preferences, or any food intolerances or allergies you have: we will be more than happy to meet your needs by offering you appropriate variations to the menu. This will also make you feel part of a family during your seaside holiday.

Cusine for all tastes

A Foretaste
In the kitchen at the Hotel Bahamas, capable hands move deftly among baking tins, rolling pins and chopping boards, bringing life (today, and times gone past) to simple flavours. Here you can find delicacies such as tagliatelle with ragù (meat sauce), passatelli in broth, cappelletti in broth or ragù (meat sauce), oven-baked green lasagne, oily fish, cuttlefish with peas, rabbit with tomato and potatoes, accompanied by the ‘ritual’ of the piadina (stuffed flatbread), the ciambella (ring-shaped bread) and zuppa della nonna (Grandmother’s soup). You just have to enter on tiptoe into this sacred place of hospitality.

After Mirabilandia you’ll have an even bigger appetite!

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