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Mirabilandia in Savio

A day trip to Mirabilandia Park

Mirabilandia, the largest amusement park in Italy, is a land of wonders that beyond your wildest  imagination, a world of entertainment created for the delight of people of all ages that skillfully blends fantasy with the most modern technology set in an innovative landscape, capable of receiving thousands of visitors every year.

Visiting Mirabilandia



Spending a day at Mirabilandia means being at the centre of entertainment, attractions and the most amazing shows:

  • safe attractions specially made for children, such as the Leveret Express or The Friendly Whale
  • more adventurous and adrenaline-charged attractions suitable for older people, such as The Thundering Sierra or the big Katun
  • Mirabilandia Beach to relax in the sun
  • Night Show with unforgettable performances

Every year, Mirabilandia renews its activities and their performances: in this fantastic world you can witness heart-stopping performances carried out by daredevil stuntmen or spectacular springboard dives by fearless champions.

Those who prefer to relax can count on the wonderful Caribbean style Mirabilandia Beach, where you can enjoy sunbathing while sipping an iced drink.

See our interactive map to know how to reach Mirabilandia >>

The wonderful nightlife

Mirabilandia Night ShowOn the summer evenings you can stop to admire the great Night Show, during which animation and multi-coloured effects are projected onto an enormous column of water, accompanied by music – an unforgettable sight.

Mirabilandia has also a large green oasis with flowerbeds, gardens, waterfalls, lakes, and much more. Perhaps one day will not be enough to visit this wonderful world; but it certainly won’t leave anyone disappointed.

Hotel Bahamas is a few km away from Mirabilandia, and it proposes advantageous offers for families who want to come to this famous amusement park; it offers excellent facilities together with members of staff that are always ready to meet their clients needs.

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