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Italia in Miniatura (Italy in Miniature)

At the Hotel Bahamas you will also find tickets for Italy in Miniature

Italy in Miniature occupies a unique position within the Riviera dei Parchi (Theme Parks on the Romagna Adriatic), since it allows you to experience a journey within a journey, as the main attraction of the park are over 270 scale reproductions that recall the most representative monuments of the Bel Paese, among which you can walk.

Package deals with tickets included
One of the benefits that Hotel Bahamas offers you in comparison to other hotels near Italy in Miniature is the possibility to obtain tickets at the reception desk. Buying your tickets as part of your hotel stay allows you to avoid queues at the park, and helps you to organize your visit more calmly.

A mini- city with great emotions
As soon as you enter Italy in Miniature you are already on a journey that allows the guests to go from the south to the north of Italy and to examine all the scrupulous reproductions of national monuments. Just as if you are on a trip through time and space, in a few minutes and just a few steps away you go from the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento to Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples, and then on to the Coliseum in Rome and after that you will slowly approach the Leaning Tower of Pisa and then finally the Milan Cathedral.

It is an indescribable sensation to be photographed beside the Mole Antonelliana and a few minutes later to take another snap at Piazza Maggiore in Bologna. Then Venice in miniature gives you the chance to take a romantic ride in a gondola, the wonderful lagoon city has been reproduced down to its finest detail.

If you prefer the view from higher up, then we advise you  to climb on board the Rainbow monorail, which carries guests around the park so they can see all the other attractions.
Among the splashes of the Canoes and Water-guns you can enjoy a pleasant cool break from the summer heat, while attractions such as the Science Funfair and Interactive driving school make learning more fun, and are therefore particularly suitable for smaller children. Finally, you mustn’t miss the shows in Piazza Italia.

Here’s how to reach Italy in Miniature leaving from the Hotel Bahamas!