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A family-sized hotel

Our services for children that make grown-ups happy too

For a mother, even a holiday can prove to be a complicated affair. Naturally, all attention is devoted to the children, making them the balance between a perfect holiday and one that could have been.

At the 3-Star Hotel Bahamas there is a real family, the Tagliavini family who will take care of you and your children. Many services made with your children in mind and they make the grown-ups happy too!

Inside the rooms

Inside the bedroom, you will find everything thast is necessary  for your children, ranging from cots to beds with side-rails, from reducers to night-lights. There are also potty seats and a special room that enchants the youngest children, the Esploroom, where the holiday has a dual function and allows children to dream even when they are awake.
In the restaurant
In the restaurant we have very flexible dining times and especially we provide menus with variations on request. We even have appropriate highchairs, facilities for warming baby bottles, small coloured cutlery and lots more. Everything is made-to-measure for children and their mums!
In the hotel
We have an indoor play area dedicated to children, with suitable toys and colouring materials. For the older children we have a children’s library A small indoor library with books both in Italian and other foreign languages. For those who love to roam the streets and the Lido di Savio pine forest, we also have bicycles and child seats.

On the beach

The Lido di Savio beach is perfect for families with children, since it is possible to bathe both serenely and safely. In fact, the sea bed is made of soft sand and it is shallow, gradually sloping towards the depths: you have to go a long way away from the shore before the water becomes deep.
Once you have arrived at Hotel Bahamas, you will receive a special Club card for Lido di Savio Village which is only a stone’s throw from the hotel. There you will find a world of entertainment for people of all ages and every evening there’s a new show from theatre, cabaret, dancing, group games and much more!

At the Hotel Bahamas your holiday gives you a healthy vacanze all inclusive!