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Esploroom Rooms

Your children can dream even when they are not sleeping

Going on holiday is a bit like travelling in time and becoming children again, don’t you think so? It is from this starting point that we decided to create a special type of bedroom, the Esploroom, where children become ‘esplorotti’, the Hotel Bahamas favourites.


The Esploroom of the Hotel Bahamas tries to create the ideal opportunity for families with children on holiday in Lido di Savio to have fun while learning and developing a renewed environmental awareness:

  • The project is based on the importance of Ecology and Environmental conservation
  • The decor is based on a marine and underwater theme
  • The room has a fairytale-like setting so as to allow children to dream even when they are not sleeping

Esploroom equipment

  • 3-4 beds, ideal for families with children
  • Furnishings are based on a sea-theme, in harmony with the colours of the walls and the bed linen
  • A special lamp that reproduces the sounds and the lights of the sea
  • Games and colours for children which allow them to interact with the room and to live the experience to the full

Environmental awareness is a distinctive trait of the Hotel Bahamas in Lido di Savio. Because of this, upon your arrival in hotel, we give all the young guests a colouring book based on the subject of ecology and a box of colors.

Whoever is lucky enough to have booked the Esploroom for minimum 7 days stay will receive your own choice, the dormigliotto for children or a special case, in which they will find, in addition to the colouring book and colouring materials, a compass, a felt-tip pen to use in the room, and much more.

A world of amusement with a low impact on the environment is waiting for you by the sea on the Romagna Riviera!

At the Hotel Bahamas we are all “Esplorotti”

Book your Esploroom now!!

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